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What song was No. 1 on the day you were born? ...(5/1/2005)
This day in music
the world of tongues ...(5/1/2005)
Read in my secret diary
I hate this mother...(5/1/2005)
Russian story
a protection against rape...(4/27/2005)
female defence
Emails worse than smoking marijuana ...(4/27/2005)
British study shows
Fire without matchsticks...(4/24/2005)
coke can and a bar of chocolate
A horse with his own webpage ...(4/24/2005)
Talk To The Hoof
Scientific Masturbation Breakthrough...(4/23/2005)
intersting discovery
Chewing gum can enhance breasts ...(4/22/2005)
A big hit in Japan.
No Pants Day ...(4/21/2005)
May 6th
Wht ppl achieve at your age?...(4/21/2005)
Think about yourself!!!
How Google Takes Over the World ...(4/17/2005)
Amazing forcast
Real time stats of bathroom usage ...(4/16/2005)
Amazing concept
Buy Our Hatred ...(4/16/2005)
crazy auction
Cigarette Butt on Auction for $5,400 ...(4/14/2005)
By the year 2050...(4/12/2005)
humanoid robots
random fact about Vin Diesel...(4/12/2005)
this link is just a timepass
Does Google really mean it?? ...(4/9/2005)
Image search
Video of a giant walking robot in Japan...(4/9/2005)
takes time to download
Luxury Undergarments for Men...(4/4/2005)
Willywarmers are quite warm
Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up ...(4/4/2005)
Yellow Ribbon Campaign(strange)
Paris offered prostitute job...(4/1/2005)
Intersting News
Google Gulp...(4/1/2005)
drinks designed to maximize surfing efficiency
biggest load of girlpoo...(3/30/2005)
the grossest thing u can see
Dog blog...(3/28/2005)
dogs tied to things in San Francisco
Kissing Girls Contest...(3/27/2005)
Boys enjoy it more
Getting bored?...(3/27/2005)
Things u can do with absolutely nothing
Dog condoms ...(3/22/2005)
three sizes -small,medium and large
Motion Induced Blindness ...(3/20/2005)
Cool optical illusion
WORLD CLOCK...(3/17/2005)
Time Difference according to GMT
If 600 million people jump ...(3/15/2005)
Earth will change its orbit
Create a Google Battle...(3/14/2005)
Examples: YOU vs. ME
worst interiors of 1974 ...(3/14/2005)
EUROBAD 74 exhibition
World Mouseclicking Competition...(3/11/2005)
Keep on clicking!!!!
Does your name really reflect your personality? ...(3/11/2005)
Find out here!
Top 25 Drink Choices...(3/11/2005)
Cocktail Recipes
This is wht girls do in college...(3/7/2005)
Seniors!!! SOOOOO gonna miss them!!!!
Steps in Overcoming Masturbation...(3/5/2005)
Boys will love this page
cute little chics...(3/5/2005)
They r having fun
The Mind reading site...(3/2/2005)
Can not believe it?
Europian crazy guys...(3/2/2005)
covering their bits with computer gadgets
Oscars 2005-photo gallery ...(2/28/2005)
The 77th Annual Academy Awards
very hot DJs...(2/25/2005)
Russian land
Students organise funeral...(2/25/2005)
A BIZARRE ceremony
5 Rare and Valuable US Coins...(2/20/2005)
you might find them in your pocket
Google backwards...(2/17/2005)
do try to search something
222,000 Years in prison ...(2/17/2005)
Top Stories - Reuters
Advertise on my hand ...(2/13/2005)
Must read the whole thing
People sharing intimate secrets ...(2/13/2005)
pretty intersting website
unbelievable kid...(2/9/2005)
Varya is 7 years old

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