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divorced his wife in his sleep ...(3/29/2006)
It happens only in India
Chocolate Fondue Fountain ...(3/29/2006)
Strange Gifts
The Biggest Burger Ever ...(3/27/2006)
I will try this at home
Britney Spears: The Last Thing ...(3/27/2006)
Britney giving birth???
Dogs In Duds...(3/27/2006)
dogs with clothes on
Make an Easter Egg ...(3/23/2006)
Customise your egg
A million boobs...(3/22/2006)
This is real fun
Drew Barrymore Is Smokin' Hot...(3/22/2006)
Pleasure for the eyes :)
Make your own silly walk ...(3/17/2006)
Silly Walk Generator
Google Mars ...(3/16/2006)
A satellite map of the planet Mars
Automated Bar ...(3/16/2006)
Awesome Idea
"Do it yourself" animals ...(3/16/2006)
creepiness at new level
When Gary Busey Calls...(3/11/2006)
Cool videos
Top 10 Geek Watches...(3/10/2006)
I like Nixon Dictator Watch
What do Google and Ebay have in common?...(3/8/2006)
They've all been daily'd.
Cool Scene...(3/6/2006)
I love to go there
Too Stupid To Be President...(3/6/2006)
Awesome site
The $39 Experiment ...(3/4/2006)
Asking companies for free stuff
Puzzle Alarm Clock ...(3/4/2006)
Wakes You Up
Bjorn Borg to sell his tennis trophies ...(3/4/2006)
The only person to win five consecutive Wimbledon
Man Finds Hundreds Of Buddhas ...(3/4/2006)
History or hoax?
Capsule Hotel in Japan ...(2/27/2006)
Pay 4500/night
Man forced to marry goat...(2/27/2006)
He had sex with the animal
Biscuit City...(2/27/2006)
An entire city built of cookies
Mega Mona Lisa ...(2/22/2006)
A big gallery of Mona Lisa artworks
History of Chocolate...(2/22/2006)
Chocolate Tour
How to Peel Eggs ...(2/18/2006)
interesting methods
LED THROWIES...(2/17/2006)
Creative graffiti using LED lights.
Toilet water cleaner than ice ...(2/16/2006)
Girl, 12, proves her hypothesis
My Black Valentine ...(2/13/2006)
Cool site!!
Create your own words...(2/13/2006)
Merriam Webster online dictionary.
Best press photos of 2005 ...(2/13/2006)
World Press Photo Winners
Date No. 1 ...(2/6/2006)
Goodie Bag TV
Join us for build a Snowman Day...(2/4/2006)
Feb 13th
Adult talk!...(2/3/2006)
Just for boys
3d paintjobs ...(2/1/2006)
Amazing work
One man,many drums ...(2/1/2006)
Movie clip
Hard to believe ...(2/1/2006)
Interactive Kamasutra...(1/25/2006)
Link not meant for kids
Drew Barrymore opera sex session...(1/25/2006)
Celeb Gossip
How to spot a Chav ...(1/25/2006)
found only in UK
Awesome images
Guess my Job...(1/19/2006)
Cool site
Glow in the Dark Pigs ...(1/18/2006)
Glowing From Within
Eveready Batteries...(1/18/2006)
Useless Information
Strange hybrids of various animals
20 Hamburgers U Must Eat Before U Die...(1/13/2006)
Men Style article
BILL GATES OWNED 1990 LEXUS ...(1/13/2006)
Ebay bidding
crappy children art work...(1/7/2006)
I believe I rule
FHM Top 100 Most beautiful women ...(1/7/2006)
Great lineup...change the order a bit

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