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Message Generator ...(7/24/2006)
Type a message and put it on the news
Woman has 7 kids in three years...(7/24/2006)
MSN News
Dark Side Restaurent...(7/24/2006)
Unique dining experience
How to Keep Beer Cold...(7/20/2006)
My Science Project
Call the future...(7/20/2006)
Pulling a prank on your friends
Bizarre English Metaphors ...(7/17/2006)
I LOVE NOODLES...(7/17/2006)
Short animated film
Zidane headbutt outrage...(7/15/2006)
new video evidence
Worldcup Configurable T-shirt ...(6/27/2006)
Click on pixels to turn them on or off
Scroll your mouse over the animations ...(6/27/2006)
Let the animation download
Ferrari made in wool...(6/27/2006)
World's smallest guitar ...(6/27/2006)
You need a microscope to view this sucker
Create your Own Artwork...(6/22/2006)
click to change color.
Amazing Pictures by Storm Chaser...(6/22/2006)
summer months of 2002 and 2004
Weird Jewelry...(6/22/2006)
My idea of Inventive Art
Geo Master ...(6/17/2006)
Move the pins to label a world map.
Teen Births ...(6/17/2006)
Reality clock
Best Buildings of the year ...(6/13/2006)
Web Radio...(6/13/2006)
Cool way to find music.
Fluorescent green pig...(6/12/2006)
Taiwan invents new breed
Everyday Shakespeare Expressions...(6/6/2006)
150 lines from the Plays
Balloon Art ...(6/6/2006)
Giant collection of balloon sculptures
BREAD IS DANGEROUS !!!...(6/6/2006)
frightening statistics
Toilet Paper Survey...(6/1/2006)
worldwide survey -weirdest question ever asked
Google Talks ...(5/30/2006)
Just enter three or four words below
Are you a Yankee or Rebel?...(5/30/2006)
Alpha Dictionary
Foster Lager....A great Beer...(5/25/2006)
Don't let the waitress spill the beers.
Pacha....Circle of life...(5/25/2006)
Must visit this link
Your Domain Worth??...(5/20/2006)
Type it in and see
The Diary of a 3rd Grade Girl...(5/20/2006)
Amy's Diary.
110 pics of chicks Kissing...(5/20/2006)
Adult site
Florida Teacher In Hot Water,Swimsuit Photos...(5/15/2006)
Explosively Unique...
How to dress emo...(5/15/2006)
this reminds me of you
Harrison Lake Sand Sculptures ...(5/8/2006)
Can I ever build those?
How to make your own Plasma TV ...(5/4/2006)
This is quite simple
World of Words...(5/3/2006)
Leave your footprints
Snoop Dog arrested at Heathrow ...(4/28/2006)
This is London
Accidental Rape? ...(4/27/2006)
what a mix-up!
Strange Artist Gallery on the Internet...(4/24/2006)
It is incredible!!
World's First Drug to Reverse Grey Hair ...(4/20/2006)
Rapid News Wire
Coffins From Ghana ...(4/19/2006)
They r so unusual and weird
Soccer world cup 2006 ...(4/17/2006)
Global ticket SERVICE
How to shave correctly...(4/14/2006)
Great Man Guide
Amazing Tree House...(4/14/2006)
Cool and at the same time weird
New Car Models for 2006...(4/11/2006)
I will go for 2006 Ford Mustang
Malaysian Idol video...(4/7/2006)
She is quite hot
!! ADOPT A MULLET!! ...(4/5/2006)
Starting bid is a $1,000
City called Urville...(4/5/2006)
Designing imaginary city since he was 12.
Google Romance...(4/5/2006)
Dating site
Teenage furniture ...(3/29/2006)
Quick hide your porn!

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