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Name :Krystin Brizzee
Icons Accepted :76
Amount Credited :$19
Complete Collection
Icons SubmittedComments
I love this one. I love you Ryan!! Hopefully you love me back. I asked him answer yet. Hope you say yes because my heart belongs to you!!<33
* ~Becky!~ *

this is a cute icon i <3 it :)
* kenity *

its true i like a girl but i just dont kno how to tell her
* davidboy613 *

omggg, i love this icon... its da best!!! i love how the words chage to different colors 2!! omg.... i love it!
* Alie *

i love this icon and it is soooooooooo true
* chelsea *

im so confused i dont no wat 2 do
* bri *

You are so hot and sexy
* Kristina *


Hey its Lila and this icon telle s the truth i luv it! JUST BE HAPPY PEOPLE! Dont be emo! Emo is Bad! Goth bad! Hates life BAD! HAPPY FUN PEOPLE LIKE ME EXCELLENT!!!!
* Lila Love *


this one is so true because instead of loving the girl that is true he is loving the hoe who screwed you over
* -honey dip____* *

I just wish he would love me back instead of loving my best friend
* Samantha S *

I love this one too, it is true...a lot of guys that girls like dont know she even exists...I can relate:(
* AllyBear<3 *

omfg that is soo true! you love the boy but he doesn''t even know<33
* BMJessieGirl *

i agree i lik some one and just want them to lik metoo... i lovee this icon..
* ilovehimm<333 *

i like this cause most girl have a crush on a guy the dont even know
* mz.flirt *

i love this one because most girls have a crush but guys dont even know that they''re alive!!<3
* moonlight1330 *


i dunno wat R u looking @ ! lol this thingy rox
* alisha *


i feel this way with me and my ex bf
* ~*~*kyli*~*~ *

this one is soooo true but i havent been in a real relationship with a guy yet:''(
* jaymie *


damn that is funny! i love IT!!!!!!!

it''s pure animal cruelty :p
* *NI* *

i love it! it is a great way to express yourself without swaering lol
* si si *


Awwwwww how cute xxx
* Grace *


omg cute! can you make one that says steph! thanx
* steph...xo *


DANG i love this.
* maria *

this is so wht me and my buddy would give to our boys
* shantel *

OMG!!!!! I love this one it tottally decribes how i feel bout my bf........<3
* Livy *

omg i have this 1 its sooo like cool just like me!1
* bella *

I Flippin love this icon it''s pretty much my life
* Katherine lover *

haha i love this one !!!!!! its really matches my boyfriend!
* Courtney *


wat are they doing posting my lips again stop it ppl and you get the lip stick in sabira to let you know in 96!:D:) i love my lips
* Lola *

love ur lips!!!!!!!!!!
* mal *

get me blue and red lip stick and i will be awesome just like this icon!
* *me* *

OMGEE,i really like this one, this one is like the BEST.. lol

i love this icon i really want lips like this
* ash *

This is good 2bf I love those lips They really stand out :)
* Gemma *

OMG!!!!! i want lips like that =)
* Cherish *

This Is An Amazingg Iconn!!
* Shannon *


this is so adorable! :)
* kaia *

Luvvinn itt!! Lol
* ~*Sammi*~ *

i luv dis icon its dead sweet <3 luff rocks!!!
* hannah *


Well i really like this one.. but my computer won''t let get it
* Nemez_08 *

I really like this one.. i was gonna get it.. but my freakin computer wont let me so yeah. =/
* Cameron *


i do....i need a boyfriend badely!! so that is not true 4 me!
* <3**cutie**<3 *

i lv dis icon...its sooo true!! x
* laura *



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