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i think this is like way gay n tht it should suck ma cock n give me the best blow job ever. u no u want to girls so cum on give it a try.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
* sexy malcolm *
hi i just wanted to let u no that u suck really bad and i could take u all and beat the crap out of you... maybe tomorrow bcause i m busy right now ok. dont wait up for me bcause i'll be there b4 me at the nearest gas station ok i'll be there
* cow ppl *
o i told u all i was going to call u alls momies and dadies and insted of me taking u by my bare hand and beating the crap out of u i will get your momis and dadies to do it them i will turn around and do it to u cause guess what i am you alls momie lol call me
* cow lover *
hhhaaaaaaaaaaa i can bet you all in the longest coment so ha well i think this icon is cool what do u all know you all are rude you need an attude ajustment you know what i meen im calling your momies and dadies to take care of you ppl if u were my kids u would be in ssooooo much truble you would never amagen you all need to was your mouths out with soap but that would be the first thing if you would be my kid i could take u all with my bare hand.... what about that one. 3/17/17
* unknown *
I think that u must have wayyyy 2 much time 2 actucally make icons. What kind of name is tat anyways! Wat a loser
* maddie *
ok u guys have wayyyyy too much time on ur hands to make up these stupid icons that aren't even funny..and is better
* ha loserr *
* timmy *
friends walk out of your heart but family stays in your heart
* katie *
it totally sounds like me thats y i think it roxs!!!
* Jazz *
i'm gonna make my comment even longer so hahahahaha this icon sorta dumb i dont get it i like the next one better and the cows go quack one o and the patrick is hot one cus i love patrick
* *sisie* *



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