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Thats SO SO SO SO TrUe
* Shorty *
that is soo cute. nice job. awesomest.
* Chrissy *
i absolutely looooooove this icon.... it's just too true... i love all ur icons... dont stop making them... i think they rule... when he dumped me all my dreams of being cinderella disappeared... :'-(
* *broken and hurt* *
this is sooo sweet n sooo tru evry princess has a prince charmin n they liv happily ev@ afta but in real lyfe nothing gud eva lasts :(
* chaz *
I actually agree! Omg, I've gone my entire life loving some1 but they luv my bezzie. I know I am never gnna have him as my own, and ever since I was a little girl I've always wanted a knight in shining armour/prince charming to sweep me off my feet and carry my away into the sunset!
* Roxi *
* Jackie *
when i saw this icon i fell in love with it. its really cute n it made me laugh.
* sarah *
That is so true. I mean come on not everyone has a happy ending either. And lets face it girls...not a lot guys can even come close to prince charming.
* *Courtney* *
think this icon iz ace i must B cinderella coz av got ma prince charmin
* chaz *
That is an awesome icon!!!You r ight everything ends perfect nothing will end like that in the real world!!!lol
* AlYsSa *



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