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Plumber Pickle
Just when you thought that life of a plumber can't get any weirder - this happens. ...

(Plumber Pickle Game Walkthrough )

Plumber Pickle Walkthrough

    1. open cupboard under the sink. Collect soap.
    2. go back, collect plate next to the sink.
    3. collect pincers from the left hand drawer.
    4. use plunger on the sink and collect brass key.
    5. go left. collect women's hat and small vase.
    6. go left. collect table cloth and flower.
    7. go left. collect sandwich from the cupboard.
    8. click on the fridge power plug.

    9. open fridge. collect beer.
    10. open deep freeze. use pincers to collect freon can.
    11. go inside the hole.
    12. collect horn from the mining cart.
    13. zoom on the door on the left.
    14. use brass key on the lock.
    15. go inside. use table cloth on the table.
    16. use small vase and plate on the table.

    17. use flower on the vase.
    18. use sandwich on the plate.
    19. use beer on the table.
    20. go outside to the cart location and go forward.
    21. zoom on the bathtub and use soap.
    22. collect mask from the troll.

    23. zoom out and go forward.
    24. use the horn on the sleeping troll.
    25. put mask on the troll.
    26. go left.
    27. collect cable.
    28. put women's hat on the troll and collect hard hat.
    29. collect sprinkle bottle.
    30. go right and put hard hat on the troll.

    31. put the cable in the outlet.
    32. go back to the kitchen. go to the door.
    33. combine freon can with sprinkle bottle.
    34. use sprinkle bottle with freon on the door lock.

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