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Baba Yaga
So what do you do once you get captured by an evil witch? Look around, there are plen...

(Baba Yaga Game Walkthrough )

Baba Yaga Walkthrough

    1. click on the left
    2. Collect knife
    3. Collect enchanted sausage
    4. click on the top window click on the pigeon
    5. collect feather
    6. click on the pot to fill the jar with water
    7. collect matches

    8. use matches on the fireplace
    9. click on the right
    10. click on the chameleon collect the skin
    11. use the skin on the left side of the kitchen
    12. use the knife
    13. click on the three scolitidae- collect them
    14. go to the table and play the cards- collect the golden coin
    15. turn around
    16. use the enchanted sausage on cat collect golden coin
    17. click on the left behind the chest collect letter and winmill table
    18. collect books fairy tales and magical herbs
    19. click on the right- check the herbs in the book and solve the puzzle
    20. collect the triple seed

    21. check the books on the left and collect key
    22. click on the pigeons and collect two feathers
    23. go left to the bathroom collect right cog wheel
    24. use the soup on the bath
    25. take the piece of thorn book page
    26. go back
    27. go to the badroom
    28. collect the wheel
    29. turn around

    30. collect the bronze knife under the book
    31. click on the pigeon collect feather
    32. use the wheel on the left - open the chest apsword: open
    33. collect the broken dust brush
    34. collect left cog wheel
    35. use the thorn page on the book collect the spell
    36. Go to the windmill and use both cog wheel
    37. Combine dust brush and the feathers
    38. Use the brush on the magic lamp

    39. Go to the kitchen and collect spinning wheel its under the table
    40. Us the spinning wheel near the cage to lift it up
    41. use the bronze knife
    42. use the spell on the table
    43. collect the silver knife
    44. use the knife
    45. go to the windmill use the cog wheels in right direction
    46. turn the windmill around and collect the coins

    47. give the coins to the jinn
    48. use the knife on the rope
    49. use the magic spell on the branches behind the bed
    50. collect two purple flowers
    51. use the spell on the pot with seeds
    52. cut the plant using the knife
    53. collect the triple herbs

    54. go to the bathroom and use the spell on the branches
    55. Collect the flower
    56. Go to the kitchen use the triple herbs on the kitchen shelf and cut it like the chameleon skin
    57. Use the purple flower on it
    58. Click on the pot
    59. Use the broom
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