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Scene of the Crime: Dream of Murder
The third installment of the crime scene series takes us to another universe, as it d...

(Scene of the Crime: Dream of Murder Game Walkthrough )

Scene of the Crime: Dream of Murder Walkthrough

    1. Go to the policeman
    2. Talk to Policeman
    3. Go back click on the right
    4. Search for clues
    5. Open the trunk and click on it

    6. Search for clues
    7. Go back
    8. Go to the front of the car
    9. Open the door and search inside
    10. Us the brush for clues
    11. Open map
    12. Go to the Polcie station
    13. Go to the Morge- search for clues
    14. Go to the office and click on the board
    15. Go to the evidence room and search for clues

    16. Go outside and talk to the policeman
    17. Go to the nova cars and talk with the receptionis
    18. Go right search the car take tire spoon
    19. Use the tire spoon on the window
    20. Go inside take the paperclip
    21. Use the paper clip on the door
    22. Go inside search for clues
    23. Go back to police station
    24. Go to the office talk to the FBI man
    25. Click on the board
    26. Go to the morge

    27. Talk to the doctor
    28. Go to the office and click on the board
    29. Go to the pharmacy
    30. Talk to the clerk and show him the photo
    31. Go to the doctors office
    32. Find the coin
    33. Use the coin on the name plate
    34. Take the name plate
    35. Use it on the door
    36. Go inside search the place find the paper knife, key
    37. Use the paper knife on the drawer and then use the key
    38. Go to Police station
    39. Go to the morge
    40. Go outside and talk to the police man

    41. Go to the second crime scene
    42. Search for clues
    43. Go back to the police station and go to the evidence room
    44. Search for clue and then go to the epfert apartment
    45. Find the door key use it and go inside
    46. Search for clues, check the photos
    47. Find the pobox key
    48. Go outside and open the box
    49. Search it

    50. Go to the police station and go to the office-check the leaderboard
    51. Go to ABMA
    52. Talk to the soldier and go inside
    53. Find von Braun office and talk to him
    54. Go the engine room
    55. Search the place
    56. Go outside and find the car
    57. Search for clues

    58. Go back to the police station
    59. Talk to the policeman
    60. Go to the office and check the leaderboard
    61. Go outside and talk to the policeman again
    62. Go back to the office and check leaderboard
    63. Go to the apartament
    64. Search for photo, and the scisors
    65. Key to the secret room is in the clock
    66. Take down all the things hanging in the wardrobe
    67. Use the scissors
    68. Open the secret room
    69. Search for clues
    70. Case closed
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