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Monster Detective
Small town big problems. Find the girl n kill the monsters....

(Monster Detective Game Walkthrough )

    Monster Detective Walkthrough

    1. click on map (on the left) take document
    2. take document form the roof
    3. click on the box –use the code the code from both documents click on the big button on the top
    4. open the box
    5. take everything from it
    6. go to the street
    7. click on the right- open the fuse box click on the panel to activate
    8. go back to the street
    9. go left
    10. use the ID card on the door to open
    11. go inside
    12. open the door
    13. go right to the living room take all the documents
    14. go left to the kitchen take the lamp
    15. go to the bar

    16. take a cog wheel – its near the bar door
    17. enter the bar
    18. talk with the barman
    19. buy whiskey and matches
    20. combine lamp and matches
    21. talk to the driver
    22. go outside
    23. click on the left
    24. go up
    25. open the panel and activate
    26. go down
    27. enter the wagon
    28. take the cog wheel
    29. go outside
    30. open the panel and activate

    31. go back to the bar and talk with the driver
    32. give him whiskey and take a key
    33. go to the wagon
    34. use the key
    35. click on the tram console
    36. go up to the
    37. click on the intercom
    38. go inside
    39. talk to the secretary
    40. go left
    41. click on the middle computer
    42. take document from the book
    43. go right to the elevator
    44. go to the boss office
    45. talk to the boss

    46. take elevator and go down
    47. go to the toilet talk to the stranger inside and take the paper
    48. go to the lobby
    49. give secretary the paper from stranger lobby
    50. take the library key
    51. go right
    52. go inside
    53. use the key on the door
    54. go up
    55. click on the right and take the bottle
    56. use the machine to move book shelfs
    57. go down to the secret door
    58. take the cog wheel ( on the right)
    59. use the cog wheels and activate the machine
    60. go up take the key

    61. go outside
    62. leave the IRS building
    63. take a tram
    64. go up to the church
    65. talk to the priest and take a key to the cementary
    66. go the crypt
    67. and take the machine key
    68. go outside
    69. go to the church
    70. click on the left
    71. go to the boat
    72. use the key machine
    73. go inside
    74. use the bottle and take the holy water
    75. combine skull and holly water
    76. go to the church
    77. use the skull with water on the statue
    78. go to the irs

    79. go right and up
    80. open the door
    81. take stake
    82. go down
    83. open the boss office
    84. go to the elevator
    85. use the key
    86. goo up
    87. move the cross bow
    88. use the stake on the cross bow
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