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Creepy Basement Escape
Escape from the scary basement!...

(Creepy Basement Escape Game Walkthrough )

    Creepy Basement Escape Walkthrough

  1. Take the first "antique button" (in front of the potatoe bags).
  2. Click the right hand navigation-bar to go right.
  3. Notice the cupboard is locked. Click the flat black book on the collapsed shelf.
  4. It's a notebook containing torn out diary pages.
  5. Read them to learn about the in-game-story and to get important clues to solve the game.

  6. Clues:
    - there is a well in the middle of the basement. Somebody once fell in and died. People say if someone throws food into the well they will be given a reward.
    - the man fell into the well on september 2nd 1952. One week later he died. So the date of death is the 9th of september 1952.
    - there also are two pages with hints to several codes. Close the diary. Click navigation-bar to go right.
  7. Take second "antique button" (from among the cobwebbed bricks on the left side).
  8. Click the bricks and the wooden board on the well to remove them (one after another).
  9. Click on the well to zoom in. Take the third "antique button". Use the "potatoes" on the well, take the "rusty silver key". Zoom out and go left.
  10. Use "rusty silver key" on the cupboard. Take the "old can of chicken stew". Click it to get a detailed view. Notice that you need to open it somehow. Close the detailed view. Drag the paper-boxes to find the fourth "antique button". Click on the rusty box (topmost compartment).
  11. Use the hint you found earlier to open the code-box (make the t-like symbol with the green buttons and press the yellow button to confirm). Take the "screwdriver".
  12. Click on the "old can of chicken stew" and use "screwdriver" on it. Close the detailed view.
  13. Back out twice and go right. Click the well.
  14. Use "old can of chicken stew" (poked) on the well. Take the "crowbar".
  15. Zoom out and go right.
  16. Click on the rusty panel to learn that you need to remove it.
  17. Use "crowbar" on the wooden boards to remove them and the panel.
  18. Click the revealed box to zoom in. Take the fifth "antique button" (right of the code box).

  19. Notice that there is something carved into the box:
    "DEATH" and the letters "dmy". You need the date of death from the diary (in the order dmy = day, month, year) and the symbols which compare to numbers 0-9. Set the symbols to 9952. Take the "golden key".
    Back out, go right and click the stairs. Then click the door to zoom in.
    Use "golden key" and "antique buttons" on the panel. Click the door handle and you're out!
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