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Submit Wallpapers And Get Paid For Them

You must be a member to upload wallpapers.

Please register here, or if u are a registered user,please login.

Note : Even if you are registered for submitting buddyicons you have to register here again.

Email :

Rules Before Uploading A Wallpaper

These are the rules that you must follow in order to submit a wallpaper. These rules are here to ensure that wallpapers displays the most quality wallpapers on the net. If users are continually uploading wallpapers that were stolen from other sites, or wallpapers that break the rules, then has the right to delete the member's account.
  1. For each wallpaper accepted 25 cents will be credited to the user's account.
  2. For each wallpaper user will have to submit a thumbnail of dimension 120x90 and the size of the actual wallpaper should be 1024x768.
  3. Payment will be made to the member through
  4. Payment will be made to the member after the acceptance of atleast 100 wallpapers.
  5. wallpapers submitted will be accepted or rejected by depending on the quality of the wallpaper.
  6. Only accepted wallpapers will be displayed on
  7. Right now, Only selected categories are there. In future we can add other categories also.
  8. Do not upload any wallpapers that say "katy loves aaron" or any kind of relationship wallpaper.
  9. The size of the Wallpaper should not be more than 200 kilobytes.
  10. Do not submit wallpapers that are poor quality, fuzzy, or distorted. Only submit quality wallpapers.
  11. Only submit wallpapers that are saved in .GIF or .JPG format.
  12. It will take maximum 72 hrs. (4 days) to accept or reject the wallpapers.
  13. wallpapers submitted here should not be submitted to some other site.
  14. The most important rule of all......only submit wallpapers that you have actually made yourself. Do NOT go to other wallpaper sites, save the wallpapers, and upload them here. That is not what coolbuddy is all about. If we find out that people submit wallpapers that are from other icon sites, they will be deleted.


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